Our Outcomes

We work collaboratively to achieve these outcomes…

Healthy Whānau

  • More whānau live in decent homes
  • Whānau, particularly children, are safe and experiencing mental wellbeing
  • Whānau are connected to their whakapapa and communities
  • Whānau are setting and achieving personal goals for their physical, emotional, spiritual and mental wellbeing
  • Whānau, particularly children, have the resources to cope with life’s challenges and to heal and recover from trauma

Thriving Communities

  • The people we support are involved in organisational decision making
  • Whānau participate in leadership and development opportunities
  • Whānau are engaged in activities to achieve wellbeing
  • Whānau are responsible stewards of their environments
  • Whānau are economically secure and are developing

Greater Equity

  • Whānau are choosing the services they wish to access, when and where they want them
  • Whānau are confident advocating for themselves
  • Whānau who experience homelessness, mental distress, addiction or disability challenges participate equally in society
  • Whānau experience equitable health outcomes
  • Our relationship with Māori is centered on building partnerships